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Ha’Kol B’yday Shamayim Chutz m’Yiras Shemayim!

Dear Friends,

Prayer (service of the heart) is the most powerful & effective way to help a fellow friend. The Chesed Club of South Florida receives many names of people who are in need including healing, recovery, livelihood, or names of people who need a Shidduch (soul-mate). In Z’chus (honor) of these people, we make a commitment once a day for only 2 hours to refrain from speaking, listening to, reading, or writing any forbidden speech, and we can pick any 2 hours a day that we want (but not while sleeping).

In his work, the Chofetz Chaim teaches that if we make a commitment once a day for only 2 hours to refrain from forbidden speech, we cause the angels up in Heaven to pray for the needy. And in observance of this Mitzvah (commandment), and by strengthening it throughout Klal Yisrael, it is told that it’s the most effective means of laying the foundation of a new Beis HaMikdash (the Holy Temple). We never ask for donations. What are you waiting for? Join us NOW!!!

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+1 (305) 491-1326

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