Pickled Salmon – Old Fashioned Style

Step #1
2 each 10 oz fillet (no skin) cut in chunks and set them for 2 to 3 day in kosher salt lots of kosher salt top and bottom of fish and refrigerate covered.
Step #2
Wash of salt from fish rinse well then set salmon chunks in a tray covered with water and refrigerate for 2 days
step #3
Wash off again and place them in a glass jar
Step #4
Add to the Jar
In a spice bag add 4 tablespoons of pickling spices
3/4 to 1 cup Sugar or Splenda (depends how sweet you like it)
1 red onion /sliced
Bunch of fresh dill chopped
Apple cider Vinegar fill 3/4 of the jar (Ratio is 3 vinegar to 1 water use bottled water) add to the jar 3/4 amount of apple cider vinegar and then add bottled water to the top of the jar Mix well and store in refrigerator for at list 2 weeks but mix it every other day Note (You can mix the sugar and vinegar separately  to dissolve the sugar and then add to the jar)
It gets better and better as it ages

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