Who Heals? – Trust In God

Who Heals?
On the one hand, G‑d says in His Torah, “I am G‑d, your healer.”
On the other hand, the same Torah says that if you’re hurting, you should go to a doctor, “and he shall surely heal.”
So is it G‑d that heals or the doctor that heals?
It is G‑d that heals, and only G‑d that heals, because all healing is a miracle.
But how does G‑d heal? Through a doctor. As the Talmud says, “A doctor is licensed by G‑d to heal.”
Because G‑d is found within His world, and when it comes to healing, He is found in the prescription of a doctor.
Trust in G‑d. See a good doctor.​​
By Tzvi Freeman
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