Welcome to Find Jewish Singles

Shalom Y’all, Our goal is to help Jewish Singles meet for the purpose of Marriage in very very relaxed and casual atmosphere. We know how stressful this can be. When we will meet for a Shabbat dinner it will be just like going out to dinner with family and friends. We first start with the traditional Friday Night Shabbat Kiddush consisting of the 6 traditional blessings, then “FMTFive Minuet Torah Talk” on the weekly Pharsha, some Jewish songs and maybe some short announcements regarding our next meetings. Next we will wash for bread and a have a beautiful delicious Kosher Shabbos Dinner Buffet Style. The Buffet will include: Meat, Chicken, Fish,  Soup. Salads & Dips as well as Vegan & Gluten Free Friendly Delicacy, all free of charge.

Most Importantly you can help by inviting your friends and help arrange a match for someone else “with God’s help”. 

So just stop by, have a meal, a drink and you never know!

“Love Is In The Air”


Our coordinator volunteers for Jewish Single Meetings are: