Dear Friends,

Welcome To The Rank Of The Shomrim! “Life And Death Are In The Power Of The Tongue” – And You Have Chosen Life – Not Only For Yourself, But For Those In Whose Z’Chus You Will Be Controlling Your Speech.
What Does Your Obligation Entail?

Choose The 2 Hour Slot (While Awake) During Which You Will Be Extra Cautious To Avoid Even A Trace Of Forbidden Speech- Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing.
The Hours You Choose Should Be At A Time When It Is Relatively Easy For You To Be Shomray Lashon Hora, Not ” A Challenge”. Remember Your Purpose Is To Help The Person In Need. To Do That, You Want Your Part In The Mishmar To Be As Perfect As Possible.
On The Flyer You Receive, There Is A “Kabbolo” You Can Say At The Beginning Of Your Mishmar Each Day. Forgetting To Say The Nusach Of The Kabbolo Does Not Invalidate Your Mishmeres. The Main Thing Is That You Have Not Spoken ( Listened To, Etc.) Lashon Hora During Your Two Hours. However You Should Be Sure To Say The Kabbolo At Least Once At The Beginning Of The Two Weeks. As An Additional Pre Caution It Is Advisable To Make A One Time Kabbolo Stating That Your 2 Hours Should Always Be For The Z’ Chus Of The Person Whom The Mishmeres Organizers Have Assigned To You. This Will Cover You, In Case You Forget To Say The Kabbolo At The Beginning Of A New 2 Week Mishmeres.
If You Realize That You Have Slipped Up In The Course Of Your Two Hours, You Should Correct It By Giving “A K’Nas” (.25c Etc..) An Amount Of Money To Tzedaka- And By Taking An Additional Two Hours That Day Or The Next, To Compensate For Your Slip.
You May Find, At Times, That The Beginning Or The End Of Your Mishmeres Comes And Goes Without Your Having Noticed It. Here Are A Few Suggestions To Help You Delineate Your Two Hours:
A. Having A Chain Telephone Call System: The Person With The Mishmeres Before You Gives A Call To You When His/Her Shift Is Over – And You Do The Same Favor For The One Who Follows You.
B. Many Find It Helpful To Set An Alarm Clock To Go Off Each Day At The Beginning Of Their Mishmeres.
C. If You Have Children Old Enough To Tell Time- Get Them
Involved! They ‘Ll Be Happy To Remind You!
D. A Beautiful Way To Frame Your 2 Hours Is To Start Them Off By Saying The Chofetz Chaim’S Tefilla Al Hadibur V’ Hashmiah, And To Close Them With A Perek Tehillim For The One In Whose Z’Chus You Are Being Shomerim
To Successfully Meet Your Obligation In Your Mishmeres You Can Say I Am Not Accepting Any Loshon Hora For These 2 Hours.
*To Know What Constitutes Loshon Hora And What Is Permissible To Say, You Cannot Rely On “Common Sense” To Determine What The Halacha Requires. The Only Way To Know What Is Loshon Hora Is To Learn The Halachos From A Sefer, At A Shiur Or With A Chavrusa.
In Addition To The Practical Benefit Of Knowing What To Do, The Chofetz Chaim Assures Us That One Who Studies Hilchos Shmiras Haloshon Merits A Special Siyata Dishmaya In Fulfilling Those Halachos.
We Suggest You Take Advantage Of The Different Opportunities For Learning That You Have In Your Community – Shiurim, Tape Libraries, N’Tzor L’Shoncha Home-Study Programs, And Kol Hadaf Dial-A-Halacho, Just To Name A Few?..
Try The Internet At: Http://Www.Chofetzchaim.Com/

Be Proud Of Your New Commitment. And Do Not Hesitate To Tell People About It – You Might Infect Them With Your Enthusiasm! Remember, Besides The Z’Chus That You Hope To Bring, Bs”D To People In Need, Your Efforts Are Building Up Your Own Neshemo, Building Your Friends, Building Your Community – And Setting The Cornerstone For The Building Of The Bais Hamikdosh Hashlishi With The Revelation Of Moshiach Tzidkaynu & The Geula Haw’Ameetis V’Hashlyma Bimheyra V’Yomenu! Ameyn Kayn Yhee Ratzon!
Please Note That If You Have A Relative Or A Friend That Is In Need Of: A Refuah, Earning A Living Or Needs A Shidduch, Please Call Us At 305-491-1326