A man had a dream and saw Hashem and asked Hashem……

A man had a dream and saw Hashem! and he ask Hashem what surprise you most about A man and women auction more than anything else?
Hashem Answered:
They are board being children, and in a rush to grow up,
and then they want to be children again.
They give up their health for money, and then give up their money for health.
They are constantly worried about their future and their kids feature,
and so they forget about the present and don’t enjoy the present or the feature.
They live as if they will never die, and then they die as if they never lived.
The person then asked Hashem !
Hashem what is the lesson that you want us to learn from the way we live our lives?
and Hasehm answered!
They should learn that the expensive thing you acquire do not belong to you, but only the people we care for in our life.
That we should learn never to compare ourselves to other people but focus on who we are and what we have accomplished. not who we are but what we are.
They should learn that the person who is wealthy is not the one that as allot and happy but the one that needs little.
They should know that it takes seconds to hurt someone and years to heal the one we hurt,
They should learn to forgive, not hold a grudge or take revenge,
They should know that it’s not enough to forgive people and be forgiving but to also forgive oneself too.
They should know that many people love them, they just don’t know how to show it,
They should know that money can buy a lot but not happiness or health.
They should know that two people can look at the same thing and yet see two different things,
They should know that a true friends knows everything about them and still loves them,
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