Dear Shomrim & Shomrot

A Beautiful Way To Frame Your Two Hour Mishmeres Is To Start Off By Saying The Chofetz Chaim’S Tefilla And To End With A Perek Of Tehillim Along With The Statement That It Should Be A Z’Chus For The One You Are Being Careful.

Master Of The Universe, May It Be Your Will, Compassionate And Gracious G-D That You Grant Me The Merit Today And Every Day To Guard My Mouth And Tongue From Speaking Loshon Hora And Rechilus. And May I Be Zealous Not To Speak Ill Even Of An Individual, And Certainly Not Of The Entire Group Of People Or A Portion Of Them; And Even More So, May I Be Zealous Not To Complain About The Ways Of The Holy One, Blessed Is He. May I Be Zealous Not To Speak Words Of Falsehood, Flattery, Strife, Anger, Arrogance, Hurt, Embarassment, Mockery, And All Other Forbidden Forms Of Speech. Grant Me The Merit To Speak Only That Which Is Necessary For My Physical And Spiritual Well-Being, And May All My Deeds And Words Be For The Sake Of Heaven.

Thank You For Joining In This Mitzva
Tizko L’Mitzvos!

P.S. The Chofetz Chaim’S Tefila Is Avialable In Hebrew.