Do-It-Yourself Pesach Guide 5781

This year most of us will be at home by ourselves for Pesach but together at the same time thousands of Jews will connect around the world at the same time and celebrate the miracles of Pesach. Celebrating Pesach can be daunting but we will try to simplify the process step by step. May we merit the coming of Mashiach and celebrate Pesach in Jerusalem! Important: Please note that this is just a general guideline. Please refer to your local rabbi with any questions or concerns. Dovid Fridmann Pre-Pesach Checklist 1.Clean the house well and remove Chametz (leavened products) from areas that you will be using on Pesach. 2. Make sure you have all the food that you will be needing for at least the first 3 days, since this year Pesach will be a 3 days Yom Tov (Thursday, Friday and Shabbos). 3. You will need to purchase 24 hours candles so that you can use it to light from on Yom Tov (but not Shabbos). 4. This year since it is a 3 day Yom Tov, you will need to make an Eruv Tavshilin. In short: normally you are not allowed to cook on Yom Tov for Shabbos (remember it is a 3 day Yom Tov), therefore we make an Eruv Tavshilin so that we can cook on Friday for Shabbos.

  1. Use new pots, pans and utensils for Pesach unless you already have a Pesach set. If you can Toivel the new pots and Pans, then you should. Most likely this will be difficult and you should just declare all the new items ownerless, meaning you are designating them as ownerless and not your own. 6. Kasher your kitchen counter (if you know how and if it is Kasherable material) or cover your kitchen counter with either contact paper, heavy duty foil, cardboard or corrugated plastic. Do not rest any pots, pans or utensils on the bare counters since they are Chametz. 7. You will need a Haggadah and a Pesach Machzor. Try to use one with English guides to help guide you through the prayer and Seder. 8. Make sure all products that you purchase are able to be used for Pesach and are certified for use on Pesach. This includes spices, dry herbs, oil, coffee…. Please note that online you can find a list of products that are Kosher for Pesach without a Pesach Certification. 9. Make sure to clean your broom well before Pesach (bleach and water solution) or replace it. It is recommended to use a new toothbrush for Pesach.

Pesach Checklist A basic list of the items you will need and things to do before pesach ❏Wine/Grape juice ❏Matzah ❏New Kiddush cup (plastic or metal is fine) ❏Plates, cups and cutlery ❏Seder kit ❏Food for 3 days worth of meals ❏New pots/pans and cooking utensils ❏New tablecloth – Plastic tablecloth ❏24 hours candles ❏Candles ❏Marror (either checked romaine lettuce or grated horseradish) ❏Put away the Chametz you will be selling ❏Kasher sink, stove top and oven ❏Kitchen counter covers ❏Haggadah ❏Machzor (siddur for Pesach) ❏Kittel (if that is your custom) ❏New broom and New toothbrush ❏Sell Chametz that you will be keeping ❏Prepare on Wednesday an Eruv Tavshilin (you will need an 1 cooked egg and 1 Matzah)

Bedikas Chametz/Checking for Chametz When: Tuesday April 7th at night after 8:05pm Times are for Hallandale Beach/Hollywood Beach We check for Chametz on the night before pesach. The use of a candle is the ideal way to do it. Please remember to be safe when walking around with a candle. If a candle is too difficult, you may use a flashlight. There is a custom to hide 10 pieces of Chametz and to “search” for them. Use very small pieces of Chametz and double wrap them in foil or plastic. Remember where you “hid” them and don’t make it too complicated (best to have a list of the hiding place). Search all areas of the house where chametz may have been brought during the year. Make the blessing (found in the beginning of the Haggadah) before you search. After the search, say the declaration found in the Hagaddah and store the 10 pieces in a safe place.

Erev Pesach Wednesday April 8th Latest time to eat Chametz: 11:16am Latest time to burn Chametz: 12:19pm Chatzos/Midnight: 1:21am Times are for Hallandale Beach/Hollywood Beach 1. If you are a first born (or if your under 13 son is a first born) you need to hear a siyum so that you won’t need to fast. Speak to your Rabbi about this. 2. Finish eating Chametz by the latest designated time. 3. If you have the ability to burn Chametz, do so no later than the designated time. Please note that this year it will be difficult to pull this off. Do not try this in an apartment. If you have the ability, all you need to do is burn a small piece of bread. 4. Throw Chametz in trash chute/garbage bins but not in the garbage in your house or pour bleach on chametz and flush down the toilet. 5. After burning/throwing away the Chametz, say the declaration found in the Hagaddah (very important) 6. Haircuts/Shaving must be done before midday (1:21pm). 7. Laundry should be done before midday as well. 8. You can eat only Pesach foods after 11:16am. One may not eat Matza until the Seder night. 9. Don’t eat too much in the late afternoon so that you will be hungry by the seder.

How To Make An Eruv Tavshilin Must Be Done On Wednesday April 8th Anytime . Items needed: 1 Matzah and 1 Hard Boiled egg. Instructions are from This eruv consists of a matzah, and a cooked food, such as meat, fish, or an unpeeled hard-boiled egg. Take the food items (it is a good idea to wrap them in aluminum foil, or another distinctive packaging, to easily keep them apart from the rest of the foods in your home). The one holding the food raises it a handbreadth, and then returns it to the person making the eruv, who then recites the following.


Blessed are you, L-rd our G‑d, king of the universe, who has sanctified us with his commandments, and commanded us concerning the mitzvah of eruv. Then recite: “By virtue of this Eruv, we (the members of this household), shall be permitted to cook, bake, keep food warm, carry, light candles and do all preparations on Yom Tov for Shabbat.” The eruv is put away until Shabbat, when it is eaten. In many communities, it is customary to use the matzah as one of the two Matza’s used at the Shabbat meal. Important notes: ● The eruv tavshilin only allows food preparations if the food will be ready with ample time remaining before Shabbat; enough time to theoretically allow the food to be consumed before sunset (if a troop of guests happens to trudge into your home). This is an important detail to bear in mind when preparing the cholent, which cooks on the stove until the following day. ● The eruv tavshilin only allows one to cook on Friday for Shabbat, it does not permit cooking from one day of the holiday to the next (i.e. Thursday for Friday). ● On holidays it is only permissible to cook from a pre-existent flame, one that has been burning since the onset of the holiday.

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