Guard your speech for 2 Hours

Behold I take it upon my self, BLI-NEDER To guard my speech when Talking,Listening, Reading, Writing Or Viewing In Honor / Z’chus of: (please insert the name of the person you are praying for) And that’s it!!!

If you can, a short prayer has been established 
for this tremendous Chesed-Mitzva.                       

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Tizko L’Mitzvos Rabot Nahemot Va’Tovot

Pray for the welfare of others, even when they are not aware that you are praying for them.

Every person we meet has needs for which we can pray: good health, success in spiritual matters, success in financial matters, a good marriage, raising children properly etc…

Saying a quiet prayer for the people you meet, even complete strangers, will give you positive feelings toward them. Through this, you have as much to gain as the recipient of your prayers.