Roasted Potatoes

#1-Golden Potatoes / 6 – No need to pill cube them

Option: You can use tri color potatoes, red potatoes your Choice

#2-Onions Sweet Large /2 – Sliced thick
#3-Onion Red/ 1 – Sliced thick
#4-Green Peppers /1 Sliced
#5-Red Pepper / 1 Sliced
#6-Tomatoes / 2 (Cut in 1/2, then each 1/2 to 4 long slices and then each long slice again in 1/2)
#7-Italian Parsley / Hand Full Chopped
#8-Salt / 1 table spoon
#9-Black pepper / dash
#10-Paprika / 1 Table spoon
#11-Granulated Garlic / Dash
#12-Olive Oil / 1/4 cup
Mix Well
*Bake on 400 not cover for 1 hour
*Bake covered for 40 minutes

OPTION: you can use the mini potatoes regular or mix colors

The pic is before baking

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