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Log in. Create a username and password.
Pick your Tehillim Chapter from the book (1 or more) and commit in your heart to say your Tehillim once a day (every day) “Beli Neder/ without a Vow”

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*Option #1*
Please select your daily Tehillim chapter’s to say Beli Nader/Without a Vow

*Option #2*
Dedicate any tehillim chapter (one or more that are in green) in honor or memory of a loved one. Just click on dedicate tehillim and fill in the form.
Click and save to your account. You can edit your account, add or delete chapters at any time.

*Option #3*
*Create a 911 Tehillim Group via whatsapp
*Create your tehillim group name
*Write a short explanation for the 911 group
*Start by picking chapter #1 (you can choose more than one chapter but in consecutive order. example chapter 1,2,3,4,5 etc.. no skipping chapters).
Once you select tehillim #1 or more, click enter and all members will get an alert by whatsapp. They will see the name of the person who they are reciting Tehillim for, the reason and what tehillim chapter is next to select. Once the next chapter or more is selected another whatsapp alert will be sent to all members until the whole tehillim book from #1 to #150 has been taken and immediately a new book will start again until the person who started the group informs us to stop.

*Option #4*
*I just finished reciting the whole tehillim book.
Some people have the custom to recite and finish the whole tehillim book by themselves once a month, or once a week or once a day. When this takes place please login and click on I just finished reciting the whole tehillim book and save.