FMT – Erev Pesach 5781

Reciting the Haggadah and the Korban
1. Haggadah: [ ל”ת’ סי רמ״א[Some have the
Minhag to recite the Haggadah from “היינו עבדים ”
the, though Even”. לכפר על כל עוונותינו” through
Seder will be on Motzaei Shabbos the Haggadah
is still recited on this Shabbos afternoon [ ב”משנ
2. Korban Pesach: After Mincha of
Shabbos, the procedure of the Korban Pesach is
recited since the korban Pesach was shechted
even on Shabbos in the Beis Hamikdash.
Do Not Prepare on Shabbos for Seder Night
3. Preparations: One may not prepare
anything on Shabbos for Yom Tov. Even doing a
task that is not a melacha shows disregard for
Shabbos and is forbidden. Thus, no preparations
should be done for Seder night before Motzaei
4. Afternoon nap: One may take an
afternoon nap on Shabbos, as doing so is
is intent his if even], שו”ע סי’ ר”צ ס”א] pleasurable
to be able to stay up on Seder night. Still, as a
respect for Shabbos, one should not explicitly
say he is going to sleep to have energy for Seder
night. Similarly, one should not tell his children to
go to sleep so that they will be up for the Seder
due to the issur of preparing in speech [ שם ב”מ
.[סק״ד ע״פ שו”ע סי’ תט״ז ס”ב
5. Removing food from the freezer: One
may not do any preparation on Shabbos for Yom
Tov. Hence, one may not remove food from the
freezer on Shabbos for Yom Tov. Nevertheless,
if necessary, one may remove food on Shabbos
with enough time in the day for it to thaw and be
שו”ת שבט הקהתי ח”א קנח ע”פ ] Shabbos on edible
.[הח״א כלל קנג ס”ו
6. Setting the table: Since one may not
prepare for Yom Tov on Shabbos, if one did not
set the Seder table on Friday, he may not set it
on Shabbos or do anything else before nighttime
for the purposes of the Seder or the house [ ג”פמ
.[סי’ תמ”ד א”א סק”א
7. Preparing matzos or kittel: Someone
who will be eating out of his house on Seder
night may not take out matzos or his kittel on
Shabbos for Yom Tov due to the prohibition to
prepare on Shabbos for Yom Tov [ ג”תק ע”שו
8. Carrying a Machzor: If one goes to shul
or somewhere else during the day on Shabbos,
he may take his machzor or Haggadah if there is
an Eiruv provided that he will use it during
Shabbos, otherwise it is prohibited as it amounts
as preparing for Yom Tov.
9. Changing clothes: Yom Tov clothes
should be nicer than Shabbos clothes [ ‘סי ע”שו
א”ס ט”תקנ .[When Erev Yom Tov falls on
Shabbos, lechatchila one should wear his Yom

Tov clothes for Shabbos so as not to degrade
הגר”ח קנייבסקי, מבקשי תורה יו”ט עמ’ ] Shabbos
ב”רי .[If one did not do so, he should at least put
them on during the day on Shabbos with intent
for the honor of Shabbos as well. Alternatively,
he can put them on once it is night in honor of
Yom Tov. He should not wear them when it is
almost night since that looks like preparing [ כף
.[החיים סי’ תקנ”ט סנ”ג
10. Going to the Mikveh for Yom Tov:
Some allow to go to the mikveh on Shabbos
afternoon in honor of Yom Tov since going to the
mikveh is not an issue of preparation [ ג”נ’ הע
not should he but], ספר ערב פסח שחל בשבת פי”ב
say explicitly that he is going to the mikveh in
הגרי”י בלויא, דברי יעקב ח”א סי’ ] Tov Yom of honor
נז אות מח .[However, others write that one may
not go to the mikveh on Shabbos in honor of Yom
going when, Thus]. בעל קנה בשם ח”ג נ”ב ונ”ג] Tov
to the mikveh on Shabbos morning, one should
have in mind that it is also in honor of Yom Tov.
Havdalah at the Seder
11. If one forgot to say ותודיענו in the
Shemonei Esrei and already said Hashem’s
Name [“‘ה לנו ותתן ,[“he should not go back to say
it; he should rely on the Havdalah he will say at
.(מטה אפרים סי’ תקצ”ט ס״ז) Kiddush
12. ” המבדיל ברוך “.A person who did not say
ותודיענו in Shemonei Esrei, and women who did
not pray Maariv are not allowed to do any work
that is forbidden on Shabbos, e.g., cooking,
is It.” ברוך המבדיל בין קודש לקודש” saying before
best to say the entire text [i.e., continue “’ אור בין
s’Hashem without”] לחושך בין ישראל לעמים ונו
.(מטה אפרים שם) Name
mistakenly one If”: המבדיל בין קודש לחול” .13
concluded the Havdalah by saying בין המבדיל ״
לחול קודש “and did not correct himself
immediately, he is not yotzei and must say
.[שו”ת שבט הלוי ח”ח סי’ קי”ח] again Havdalah
Forgot to Say Havdala
14. Remembered while drinking the cup: If
one forgot to say Havdalah over the Kiddush and
remembered right as he started drinking, he
should stop drinking and say the Havdalah. If he
already drank most of the cup, he should refill it
and say the Havdalah without the Beracha of
.[כף החיים סקכ”ב ] Hagofen
15. Remembered before Maggid: If one
forgot to say Havdala and drank the first cup of
wine, according to the Mechaber, who rules that
Hagofen is not said on each of the four cups
[ ד”תע’ סי שרע ,[he should say the bracha of
Havdala on another cup of wine without Hagofen
as long as he did not yet start Maggid [ ‘סי ע”שו
א”ס ג”תע .[If he already started Maggid by saying
גאל through continue should he” הא לחמא עניא”
ישראל and then say Havdala [i.e., Hagofen, Borei
Me’orei Ha’eish, and then Havdalah] on the
.[משנ”ב סק”ה] cup second
16. According to the Rama [ד”תע’ סי ,[who
rules that Hagofen is said on each of the four
cups, even if he remembered before Maggid, he
should not make a Beracha on a new cup since
it looks like he is adding to the four cups when
he says Hagofen. However, if he had in mind that
to drink more during the first 2 cups, he may say
the Havdalah on a new cup of wine without
.[משנ”ב סי’ תעג סק”ד ] Hagofen saying
17. Remembered mid-seuda: If he realized
in the middle of the Seuda that he did not say the
Havdalah, he should immediately stop to say it,
thus without reciting the blessing of Hagofen, as
wine during the meal does not require a blessing,
since the Kiddush allows it, unless he had no
intention to drink during the meal, [ ה”סק ב”משנ.[
18. Remembered after afikomen: If he only
remembered after eating the afikoman, he
should say Havdalah on the cup of wine after
bentching. If he remembered after bentching, he
should wait until the fourth cup to say Havdalah.
If he remembered after he drank the fourth cup,
he should make Havdalah on a fifth cup and say

Hagofen since he wasn’t planning to drink any
19. Remembered the next day: If he only
remembered the next day, he can make
Havdalah at any point in the day by saying
המבדיל בין קודש לקודש ״ שמירת שבת כהלכתה פס״ב
[” [סכ”ו

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