Our goal is to finish reciting the whole Tehillim book once or more per day in honor or in memory. You can recite Tehillim For Refuah, (For a sick person) Parnasa, (For Livelihood) for Shidduch (for Marriage ) etc.., or just as part of your daily prayers.

To our Friends
To our friends around the world, we are flooded with request for help (not for money) day in and day out, from countless unfortunate people; sick, poor, lonely, depressed, igunot, abandoned Jewish inmates, young and old.

Our Sages
Our Sages tell us that the entire Jewish Nation are brothers and sisters! But you will ask, how can I ever reach, let alone assist, all those unfortunate people? Rabeinu Bachyeh Ben Asher states if we recite Tehillim every day in honor of another Jew or for the safety of Israel, it serves to arouse Ha’Shem’s immediate show of mercy in a miraculous manner. (MeAm Loez, Vol. 3)

Dear Friends
People of Israel have joined in prayer with tremendous hopes that Golus will end. As the words of our prayers take on flight, they fill the world with an everlasting light. As our voices and hearts blend into one, we are healing the world Psalm by Psalm. One Kapitel (chapter) a day – that’s all we ask. So can you please help? 

Prayer of the heart (Avoda Shebolev), is the most important part of the day.Our Goal is to be able to complete Tehillim Book as many times per day as possible with G-d’s help. The Tehillim Book has 150 Kapitels-Chapters, all we ask is that you take one please and recite it once a day for life and if for any reason you can’t recite it we ask that you or a friend call us ASAP in order to have someone cover that Kapitel otherwise the Tehillim book will not be complete. Thank You. For more information please call the Chesed Club at: +1 (305) 491-1326

Or if you like to join this Mitzva, fill in the form and enter the Kapitel-Chapter that you choose. The Tehillim Kapitel that I take upon myself to recite every day.