Potato Salad Polish Creamy Style

Step #1
#1-Potato Diced in A Can / 1 lbs drained
Place in a bowl
Add tea spoon of salt and a dash of black pepper and mix well
Option: 21 seasoning by trader joe’s / 1 tea spoon
Option: you can use fresh golden potato (you don’t have to pill it) 2 large/ dice , Boil & chill)
#2-Peas & Carrots / 1 can 4 oz drained
#3-Pickle Dill / 1 diced (or any style pickle you like)
Option:1/3 celery stalk. chopped and Chives 1 tea spoon
#4-Dill /fresh or dry / 1/4 tea spoon
#5-Pimantoes Roasted (from jar) / 2-3 oz sliced
Mix well
Step #2- Sauce – Place in A bowl:
#1-Parve Cream Cheese / 1/4 lbs.
#2-Mastered /1  tablespoon
#3-Miracle Weep or Mayo / 3 to 4 table spoons
Mix Well & chill
Option: add
*2 soft boiled eggs, chopped
*Add Sweet relish / 1 tablespoon
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