People of Israel! Our youth!

Our youth, our beloved children and brothers fulfill their responsibilities as citizen, on all battle fronts:
May G-d give them strength and watch over them and over all those who fight for justice and truth, to bring them home safe and sound.

We can now all see clearly that the terrible situation of Jews throughout the world represents the time of the birth-pangs of Moshiach…

Every Jewish person who believes in G-d, the Holy Torah and in the words of the Almighty that He has transmitted through His holy prophets are aware of the power of Tehillim.

Many scholars and G-d fearing Jews all over the world have accepted in establishing a global Tehillim group who will complete the Tehillim book every day to protect Jews all over the world.

We ask of G-d, that He rouse our hearts and the hearts of all the Jewish people to join our Tehillim Club. It’s easy, just pick any chapter and register your name and the chapter you choose in the form provided on the main Tehillim page. You must understand that every chapter of Tehillim shatters all barriers and rises ever higher, without interference, before the Master of all and brings about their desired affect with kindness and mercies.

To be continued,

The Tzemach Tzedek used to say:
“If you only knew the powers of verses of Tehillim and their effect in the loftiest heights, you would spend every possible moment saying Tehillim.”

Tizko Lamitzvot Rabot, Nahimot Vh’Tovot 
The Chesed Club Of South Florida