Zhatar Bread – Garlic Bread – rip and dip into your favorite Chumus, Tachina etc

Step #1

Place in a large plastic or metal bowl 

#1-Yeast Dry – 1 tablespoon 

#2-Backing Powder – 1 tablespoon 

#3-Sugar – 1/4 cup



#4-Canola oil – 1/4 cup

#5-Egg – 1 

#6-Water – 1/2

Mix well



#7-Bread Flour – 6 cups (for gluten free add Rice Flour) 

#8-Add Salt / 2 Tablespoons

Mix well, 


#9-1/2 cup water mix well (if dough to sticky add some flour if dough is to hard add some water.

Step #3 

*Makes 2 large and 2 small dough balls (use small dough balls for personals pizza)

(Freeze extra dough or Prepare)

*Let dough rest covered for about 30 minutes 

Step #4

*Using a 1/2 size aluminum pan 

*Grease with pan spray well 

*Stretch dough to size of the pan 

*Shamir top of dough with olive oil 

*Sprinkle with Zhater , Sesame Seeds, granulated garlic powder & Paprika

*Sprinkle some olive oil on top

*Let dough rest again until it double in size or over night in cooler 

Step #5

Pre heat oven to 375

Bake for 45 minutes or until golden brown 

Cut in squares

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