Roast – Meat – Steak – Chicken – Pargiyot – Slow Cook – Regular Or Vegetarian

Step #1 Using Meat & or Chicken Regular Or Vegetarian 

#1-4 steaks cut in 1/2

or 4-5 lbs of Roast / sliced

or Pargiot (young chicken boneless) or Chicken Breast

Note: For chicken change to Chicken soup base 

Place In an 1/2 size aluminum pan 

Note: Depending on how much meat you use ,use this basic solution and add as you need.

Step #2

In a bowl place 

#1-Beef Base – 1/4 cup

#2-Onion Soup Mix – 1 bag 

#3-Canola Oil – 1/4 cup

#4-Water – 3/4 cup 

Mix well and add to your choice of meat or chicken regular or Vegetarian

Note: You can get your Vegetarian Soy Meat or Seitan (or Chicken) in any health food store frozen or dehydrated


*Add thick slices of onions on top of each steak or roast (not on chicken) and also 

*Add sliced mushrooms can or fresh or baby Portobello mushrooms 

Step #3

Set oven to 200 degree 

Cover with aluminum foil

Place in oven 

Cook for 6-8 hours 



*Add Mushrooms  

*Add Curry to the Chicken  

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