Lentil Soup

In a small crockpot (2 quarts) place:
#1-Lentils /1 cup
#2-Rice (white or brown) 1/4 cup
#3-Onion / diced / 1 small
#4-Buck Choy / slices / 1 handful
#5-Celery / slices small / 1/2 handful
#6-Kale slices / 1 handful
#7-Carrots /shredded / 1 handful
#8-Dill / chopped / 1 tea spoon
#9-Bay leave / 1 leave (set it on top so you can easily pull it out and dispose of it)
#10-Marinara Sauce / 4-6 oz
#11-Salt / 1 tea spoons
#12-Black Pepper / dash
#13-Chicken Soup Base / (parve) 3 soup spoons
Optional / 21 Seasoning by Trader Joe’s / 1 tablespoon
Optional / hawaij spice / 1 tablespoon
#14-Water / fill crock pot 3/4 way
Mix well & Cover
Slow Cook on high until soup comes to a boil (about 4 hours) then set on warm until you are ready to serve.
Take out bay leave before serving
Serving Suggestion:
*You can add to the crock pot your choice of meat or chicken regular or vegetarian
*You can serve it over rice as a full meal
*You can add soft or hard boiled egg, Top with Tachina sauce and sprinkle with chopped Italian Parsley

Enjoy – בתאבון

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