Why did Hashem choose to give the Torah on mount Sinai? By Rov Yosef Kon

Moshe Received the Torah from Sinai – ‘משה קיבל תורה מסיני 6/4/2021

מדרגתו של משה רבינו היא מעלה עליונה מיוחדת במינה. נפש החיים אומר על דברי חכמים במשנה: ‘משה קיבל תורה מסיני מסרה ליהושע’ (אבות א, א) * There never was or will be anyone greater than Moshe Rabaynu

What is the message to us that Moshe received the Torah from Sinai! The mountain didn’t hand it to Moshe! Its obvious that Hashem did.

The midrash asks! Why did Hashem pick mount Sinai from all the mountains in the world? Because when all the mountains heard the angels talking that Hashem will be giving out the Holy Torah that was stored for over 927 generations to Moshe on top of a mountain!!! Immediately each and every mountain started to claim that it should only be giving on their mountain. Each mountain started to say, I am Bigger, I am Nicer, I am Taller etc…except for Mount Sinai. Not a word came out of Mount Sinai the mountain stayed quite didn’t say a word, and most importantly it was just happy for this happy momentum occasion, and there for Hashem choose mount Sinai.

When it says that Moshe received the Torah from Sinai! its teaching us that Moshe learned from mount Sinai the art that special gift of ANIVUT / Modesty.

****There is however another view. Rov Yosef Kon (my new 5am Chavruta/my Learning Buddy) reminded me in our morning study 6/6/2021 at 5am that I forgot to mention another important point from his teaching.

Rov Yosef Kon asks! why didn’t Hashem gave us the Torah in the valley? A valley is much much lower then any mountain!!!                                                                                                                  And Rov Yosef Kon answers! simply because if you are so low, people may step all over you, your Torah learning may be very weak and forgotten, and therefore it had to be giving on a mountain! Our Torah learning must be strong like a mountain yet humble like mount Sinai in order for our Torah to be everlasting.

Silence is Golden

By Rov Yosef Kon

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