Purim is here again. Yeah!

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As we know, one of the well known customs we have on Purim is to read the Megillah and whenever we hear Haman’s (boo) name, we make noise. We try to blot out his name. The reason is because we are reminding ourselves to wipe out Amalek.

In Judaism, every letter has a number associated with it – this is called Gematria. If two words have the same Gematria then they are somehow related. The Gematria of the word “Amalek” is the same Gematria as the word “Sofek” (which means ‘doubt’). Amalek is all about trying to bring doubt to the world.

So how can we wipe out Amalek. The answer is seen in the first chapter of Pirkei Avos where it states, “Make for yourself a Rav and remove yourself from a doubt.” The way to remove doubt is to have a Rav and to follow everything he says (even when it seems to go against logic). As we said, doubt comes from Amalek, so the way to wipe out Amalek is to listen to a Rav.

In the beginning of the Megillah, there is a big party. Mordechai (the Rav of Shushan) tells the people not to go but many of them go anyway. They state that if they do not go, it will upset the monarchy and cause hatred against the Jews. What happens in the end? Because the people went, a decree was issued that all Jews should be exterminated.

Then, in the middle of the Megillah, Esther asks Mordechai to tell all of the Jews to fast and repent for three days. These three fast days include the first day of Pesach – Mordechai was requesting the Jews not to hold a Seder that year. The Jews easily could have rebelled and told Mordechai he was crazy, but they did not. They followed his advice. What happens? The decree is changed and the Jews are saved.

When we listen to our Gedolim (great Rabbis), even when it does not seem correct, we merit to be saved from the evil nations. This is the key to Purim.

There are nasty leaders in the world today that want to annihilate the Jews. Our response should be to listen to what our Gedolim say. Connect ourselves to the wise Sages and follow every word they tell us. This is the way we can defeat Amalek.

Good Shabbos and Freilichin Purim!
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