Arayot Daf 12 – Simana Milta is

“Our Rabbis taught: Do not Brush the Kings, but the spring, to which will continue reign …
Reb said my mother whom it may concern knowledge island island island harvest not drink, hung ten daily Shraga Dvina Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur will respond Zica real beta – You will know Dmasiak belongs Nehora drinking; whom it may concern Lmibd transactions, satisfied for non Muslih not failed, Max Atarngola – not sex and improve Muslih; island whom it may concern Lmipak Lorha, happy for no ethical Beita returned no no, Neicom beta Edahbera – E. Chester reflection Dbbuah knowledge Dadre ethical Beita. And not a cell is, Dlma Gelsha me Omaitara Mazlia “(L AE).

Set Gemara Rabbi’s words my mother “not Milta is” charged Note: Do not mark true intention, or intention not to use it, even though he is right?

Rashi on the site (DH and not) wrote: “Edzimana Dalit Duff on the back of ethical Lia Citrus reflection”, ie the sign is incorrect, and sometimes a man returned safely to his home although he did not see a reflection Dbbuah. But logging means (and CA, DH and not) is the mark true, nevertheless, there is no person to do so, would show a bad sign, Wecar himself displeased his luck (and see Maharsha on Asugein, extended this principle stating any sign of abuse because it can not guess).

Two ways to read and see the issue reflect the two different understandings of their signs. The first approach marks a sign from heaven see the human condition. In this, the primary examiner is the degree of willingness to sign, so many mother’s mark can be rejected only if the defect is found in his prediction power. The second approach, however, see signs of an attempt to influence the situation and if so, it is only evident signs that bring positive options, such as anointing the king on the river, but no signs where passive person, the sign could make him even worse.

After many words my mother’s famous words are Abbaye:

“Abbey said: that a cell who said Simana Milta is, never be used Limahzi publicly cell called Ourobia, Cretan Vsilka Tamari.”

Simplify words Abbaye – by Gerastanv – enough to see the signs. But the column (Orach Chaim Atakp”gi) wrote that eaten (and see Shas Vsugein tradition, letter i), adding the statements related to eating (“sweet year we will resume,” etc.). It seems that both the addition of the column – Eating request – came to confiscate the understanding marks are a sign from heaven, and make it clear they are only means we use to try to influence the situation.
Rabbi Avraham Fall

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