Shlach-So what happened that caused the spies to fall so greatly?

We wonder how the Meraglim fell so drastically and sinned so severely. They were originally tzaddikim and called,  ,”אַנָשִים”and as Rashi explains that only important people are referred as ,  .”אַנָשִים”So what happened that caused them to fall so greatly?

Rashi explains that when a person acts with simplicity [Temimut] in his relationship with Hashem, then Hashem is not only with him, but becomes his Lot. Meaning, that Hashem will be with him in all the person’s endeavors. From this Rashi we learn that a person that conducts himself with arrogance or thinks he knows better; Hashem will not be with him.

This is the concept of the first day of the creation, where Hashem created the light and the darkness. If a person acts with humility and understand that nothing in this world happens without Hashem ordering it; this person is showered by Hashem’s light and no darkness can approach him. In contrast, if he believes in his power to succeed, he will be inhabited by the darkness, as Hashem wants nothing to do with haughty people.

The Shem MiShmuel explains that this was the sin of the Meraglim. Instead of relying on Hashem to give them Eretz Israel as he promised, they wanted to conquer it. In other words, they were relying on their power and might. Therefore, Hashem left them and everything they said about the land was incoherent, which is the sign of being in the darkness.

The Shem MiShmuel adds, that had they relied on Hashem, we would’ve deserved the entire land of Israel immediately and conquered it without weapon.

From here we learn the source of the power of Am Israel. As we rely on Hashem we inherit Godly powers, which are by far stronger and more efficient than manly power. In contrast, if we believe in ourselves and in our power to achieve something, then Hashem removes himself from us and this is the recipe of failure. We have existed since we became a nation because of our trust in Hashem, may we deserve to further believe in Him with all our heart and with that deserve the lights of Gan Eden, which brings all the Blessings. Amen.

By Rabbi Shimon Fridmann – Din Torah Of North Miami Beach

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