Parashat Toldot – 5777 Healthy Environment

25:22 “And the children were struggling within her…”
Rashi explains that when Rivka passed by a house of Ideal Worship , she would feel Esau trying to get out. Yacov would try to escape whenever she passed the Yashiva / Beth Midrsh of Noach SonSham & Aver.
The question is: While it is understandable that Esauו would be attracted to the Ideal Worship, why would Yacov have wanted to leave to go to the Yashiva / Beth Midrsh of Noach SonSham? Didn’t he have an angel who was teaching him Torah inside of his mother?
Our great Rabbi The Chatam Sofer answers: We see just how important it is to make sure that we are in a good environment. A person might be learning from the greatest and wises Torah scholars , he might even be learning from an angel like some of our sages have been learning from, but if he has to be together with someone like Esau, he is running the risk that he might pick up some bad habits. That is why Yacov would want to even give up learning with an angel, so as not to have to be with Esau any longer than necessary!!!

By Rabbi Sharaga Thav
[email protected]

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