Important To Know About Jewish Marriage #2 – Rambam-Maimonides’ Chapter 15:19-20 15:19

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The Laws Of Marriage, Chapter 15:19-20


The sages commands a man to honor  his wife more than himself and love her like himself. If he has money he should spend it on her wellbeing     according to his means. He should not impose excessive awe upon her, further more, he should speak to her calmly, and not be upset or angry.


Similarly, they commanded a woman, to honor her husband beyond measure. She should be in awe of him and everything that she does should be according to his wishes. She should see him as a prince or King providing for the desire of his heart and distancing everything he detests from him.

This is the path of Jewish women and men

who are holy and pure in their relationship.

In these ways their home will be beautiful

and praiseworthy.