Devarim 5775 – No Torah Is Not Good

And you answered me and said, ‘The thing you have spoken is good for us to do.’ (Devarim 1:14)

The book Courage to Change points out that the Jews are rebuked in this week’s parsha for not complaining. Originally, Moshe judged all cases but a change was needed. There would now be other judges who would decide between litigants along with Moshe. The Jews should have complained. Originally, they were getting all of their learning from Moshe, but now they would be receiving the laws from others. Moshe went 40 days and nights without food to learn directly from Hashem. He was clearly the greatest Torah mind of his generation. Therefore, the people should have complained that they wanted to hear directly from him.

Of course, everything Hashem commands is the best for us. Still, when a person loses Torah learning, he should not be joyous. The people of this generation should have felt a loss when they heard that Moshe was not the sole judge for them anymore. They could have accepted it, but they still should have felt some pain regarding the loss.

This Saturday night and Sunday is Tisha B’Av. One of the laws is we are not allowed to learn Torah (except for certain passages which relate to the day or to mourning). We should feel a loss when we don’t learn Torah.

When the fast is over, most people end the day by immediately eating or drinking. They are hungry and thirsty so this is understandable. I know a person, though, who first learns some Torah before eating and drinking. The painful part of Tisha B’Av was going the whole day without learning Torah. Even if we can’t be like this person, we should still feel sadness over not learning Torah on Tisha B’Av.

May this be the last Tisha B’Av we spend in exile and may we speedily see the ultimate peace and coming of Moshiach.

Good Shabbos!
Have an easy and meaningful fast.
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