Shoftim 5775 – The Present is a Gift

Be wholehearted with Hashem, your G-d (Devarim 18:13)

Rashi comments on the above verse by saying, “Conduct yourself with Him with simplicity and depend on Him, and do not inquire of the future; rather, accept whatever happens to you with simplicity and then, you will be with Him and to His portion.”

This past week, my wife told me something which could cause issues a few months from now. I started to get nervous and worry about the situation. The next morning, I saw the above verse and Rashi’s comment on it. Isn’t it always interesting how Hashem sends us messages right when we need them. What is even stranger is a day earlier, I was listening to a shiur from Rabbi Fischel Shachter and he said Hashem always sends secret signs to remind us that He is in charge of everything.

Hashem sent me a message not to worry about the future. Live in the present. Lots can change over the next few months.

A few weeks ago, my dryer stopped working. I think it was the heating element. I searched online how to fix it and realized that I would need to call a professional about it. I began discussing with my wife if it is even worth fixing (since repairmen could be costly) or if we should just get a new dryer. The next day at work, I was talking with someone and mentioned my dryer situation. She told me that her washer broke and her husband went to buy a new one that weekend. When he went to the store, he decided that he wanted the new washer to match the dryer so he got a new dryer also. So, she was getting rid of her old dryer. It was only 2 years old and in great condition. So, I paid her a small amount, which was less than a repairman, and got a fairly new dryer that is in great shape. Here I was worried about the cost of getting a new dryer and I got one easily for a small price.

I was on vacation from work the past two weeks. When I returned, I started answering emails and I found something amazing. People sent me emails that were “important” or “urgent”. Since I was out, I didn’t respond though until a week later and suddenly it wasn’t urgent anymore. It seemed important, but there was no reason for the worry. It all worked itself out.

We don’t know what will happen in the future. Being prepared is a very good thing. But live in the present. The present is a gift, that is why it is called present.

Good Shabbos!
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