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Last president of excommunication passed, bringing sin city – not as an individual sin, which brings or hairy. What has changed the president from the only one? This language Netziv Torah interpretation (called D, V.)

“Unknown interpretation, Danshiautho makes having may commit sin … Dansyaut causes such serious crimes, which you will not accidentally – there is no sin in them even by mistake.”

Distress of the heart, words Netziv were relevant throughout the ages, and especially in our generation we are. Times much prevailing government transferred the owners on their minds, and ministers have become rebellious. Not once has power gates money crimes even people who were fundamentally honest. So must President, a power, kept careful of any sin, if sin inadvertently – to bring a sin offering unique, designed to clarify how serious a crime (Later it explains why there Netziv hairy only disinfects serious president.)

Netziv remarks puzzling question may be asked to clarify our issue (s CA). President hairy affair opens with the words “which President sin”, and wakes the Talmud:

“, Which President sin (Leviticus D., V.) – can cut? Talmud say: ‘If the messiah priest sin” (ibid., c). ”

Gemara raises Present – Amina that figure is from God, that the President would meet Israel sin; and interprets the sin of the high priest so we learned not to things, and the president must commit. Be that the present – Amina is based on the fundamental standing on Netziv – President So when the catastrophe, to the point almost certainly sin.

How to deal with this concern because of their sin of those in power? Following issue (s EA) presents the startling sermon of Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai – President important in its own right:

“Our Rabbis taught: ‘sin which president – said Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai: Blessed is the generation of his president on Sgigitho brings the victim.”

Simple understanding words of Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai is that the president is the mirror image of a generation: if he is aware of sins, and publish them to answer many requests, it is likely that only do well, Blessed are the same generation.

However, another interpretation might also meets the question we asked above. Torah requires constant criticism from President careful attention to his actions. Torah for sale, probably, it is impossible to avoid completely the sins of those in power, and therefore places different demands: to recognize sin and atone for it.

The problem is that this task is not at all simple. Rabban Yohanan ben Zakkai clarifies that generation has the president did his duty – know their sins and village – is a special generation. Can of it asks Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai stimulate not only the President, that if the entire nation: Blessed are the generation that manages to bring the president to answer repair. In modern times, where the president leads to sin discussions Archilayem mostly meaningless demands his removal from office, has importance according Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai, which calls for reflection, self-criticism and willingness to answer – both the president are his flock.

Rabbi Avihud Schwartz

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