Memories Parshas Bamidbar May 25 2012

An avreich once approached the Chazon Ish seeking his advice on which of two job offers he should accept. The avreich told the Chazon Ish that the first offer was to serve as a maggid shiur in a small yeshivah. He also explained that if he did not accept this offer, there were definitely others who would be happy to accept the position. The second offer was to serve as a kashrus mashgiach for the Rabbanut. The avreich mentioned that if he accepted this position, he would be able to purify the whole country with kosher foods.
The Chazon Ish inquired of the avreich whether he would be capable as a maggid shiur of influencing at least two of his talmidim to continue learning during bein hazemanim exactly as they did during the zeman. The avreich answered that he thought he would be capable of this. The Chazon Ish then said, “You should know that two bochurim who will learn during bein hazemanim as if it was the middle of the zeman is worth far more than purifying Eretz Yisrael with kosher foods!” (Told over by R’ Matisyahu Solomon, shlita, Mashgiach Ruchni of Lakewood – Chayim Sheyash Bahem)
The Jewish community in Lita decided to establish a Jewish hospital, and a meeting was held for this purpose, chaired by the Chofetz Chaim, z”tl. Several wealthy men attended the meeting, and each of them pledged significant donations. One donated a hospital bed, and some even donated several beds. The Chofetz Chaim showed much respect to the wealthy men for using their wealth for such a noble purpose.
Several talmidei yeshivohs also attended the meeting, and the Chofetz Chaim also treated them with great respect. One of the wealthy men became angry at this, and said, “Is this right? We are the ones donating money, and they also receive honor?” He actually stood up and asked the Chofetz Chaim, “How many beds did the benei yeshivohs donate?”
The Chofetz Chaim answered immediately, “What are you saying? Each one of them gave fifty beds! The wealthy man was astounded and asked, “What do you mean that they gave fifty beds? We, with all our wealth donated only ten beds at the most, and they gave fifty?”
The Chofetz Chaim repeated his answer, and said, “Yes, yes, each one of them gave fifty beds which will not be needed. Each one of them donates the prevention of fifty sick people! They donate the beds which will not be needed in the hospital! The Torah protects and saves! Their Torah will save many people from sicknesses and travails! (Shaal Aivcha Veyegadcha)
The Gaon, Rav Meir Shapiro, z’tl, the Rav of Lublin, once told a childhood story about his mother. “When I was a boy, my family was forced to move several times from house to house. We also moved from city to city. The constant moving did not disturb my mother’s equilibrium; only one thing would bother her — my bittul Torah!”
“On one occasion, as we were again preparing to move, my mother had an idea. She contacted the melamed of the town to which we were moving, and arranged that he would meet me by the gate of the city. He would then be able to learn with me immediately when we arrived at the town.”
“When we finally reached our destination, we searched and searched, but the melamed was not there. My mother sat down next to the wagon and cried for a long time. I tried to calm her down by saying, ‘Mommy, Mommy, why are you crying, I’ll learn tomorrow!'”
“My mother answered, ‘Meir’el, Meir’el, You don’t yet know how to appreciate the meaning of bittul Torah of one day!” (Chayim Sheyash Bahem)

This week is B’Zchus all those who were there and witnessed the giving of the Torah to Klal Yisroel.

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