Beshalach 5774 – No Music at Achashverosh’s Party

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Then Moshe and the children of Yisrael sang this song to Hashem (Shemos 15:1)

Since Purim is only a little over two months away, let’s discuss something from the beginning of the Megillah this week.

King Achashverosh is happy. There was a prediction the Jews would return to Yerushaliyim after 70 years and according to his calculation, the 70 years are up. As we know, his calculation was incorrect. But Achashverosh threw a little party… actually, it was more than a little party; it was a celebration for 180 days. After the celebration ended, he had a smaller party for seven days and the main goal of this smaller party was to get the Jews to sin.

At his seven day party, Achashverosh decided to excite the senses of those in attendance (which included Jews). For taste, he had delicious food and wine (which were all kosher). For smell, he had beautiful flowers and perfumes which gave off a good odor. For sight, he placed colorful tapestries all around the grand ballroom. And for touch, he had comfortable couches and chairs. But, one sense was missing… sound. There was no music. The commentators ask why – Achashverosh certainly had enough money to have any band come and play at his celebration.

The Maom Loaz gives an interesting answer. There was no music because music is so powerful that the Jews would repent. It would spiritually affect them and make them yearn to return to the Bais HaMikdash. Music goes directly to the soul and can positively transform people.

Never underestimate the power of music. Having a bad day? Turn on some music. Need some inspiration? Turn on some music. Stuck in traffic? Turn on some music. Singing is very powerful.

Good Shabbos!
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