Getting Drunk On Purim?????

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Getting Drunk On Purim?????

The concept of drinking wine until one can no longer distinguish between cursed by Haman and blessed be Mordecai. Since words of Torah can be compared to wine. When one is filled with Torah wisdom he may reach such a height of spiritual awareness that he sees all as part of Hashem’s plan – both Haman and Mordecai. So maybe this Purim we all can drink in lots of Torah awareness and a little less of the 20 proof stuff.

The message of Purim is so important especially in these current times.

It seems in Israel, the Hamans may be casting their lots.

As in ancient times, strong faith, unity and the prayers of children can bring “miracles.”>>>>>>>>>>>>

By Rachel Tara bas Tsiporah

Best wishes for a blessed and happy Purim